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This page is a complete introduction of the Aeropilot L600. Scroll down below to find the aircraft specifications, performance, links to the operating manual and maintenance manual, advantages of the L600, and other information about the Aeropilot L600.

Aeropilot L600: Welcome

The light sport LEGEND 600 aircraft is an all-composite, high-wing, strut-braced two-seater.

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 1320 lbs

SLSA Aeropilot Legend 600 is intended for elementary pilot training of PPL holders and for the experienced aviator looking to travel with low operating cost. Thanks to low operating costs, it is possible to obtain PPL for the cheapest price possible. Great performance and extra utilizable load allow comfortable and fast traveling. 

SLSA Aeropilot Legend 600 is a full-composite upper wing monoplane made of sandwich materials. Thanks to modern carbon composites, the aircraft exhibits low empty weight and thus also high utilizable load.

Besides the standard light sport LEGEND 600 airplane, the company AEROPILOT Ltd. also manufactures the amphibious LEGEND 600 airplane with floats.

The 1st LEGEND 600 airplane was transported by air from the Czech Republic through Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Egypt to Saudi Arabia in April 2014.

The Aeropilot LEGEND 600 aircraft can be equipped with 4 types of engines and 8 types of propellers. It is possible to install four-stroke engines ROTAX 912 UL, ROTAX 912 ULS, ROTAX 912 iS 2 Sport and ROTAX 914 UL 2 Turbo. For these engines, we offer three-bladed fixed (ground adjustable) propellers WOODCOMP PROPULS, WOODCOMP SR 200, BOLLY BOS 3, DUC SWIRL, a three-bladed fixed propeller HELIX, three-bladed electrically adjustable propellers SR 3000/3BN (it can be metal as well), NEUFORM CR-3-V-80 and a hydraulically adjustable propeller KW-21 BNM including a hydraulic regulator. Electric adjustable propellers are controlled by Constant Speed electronics.

The LEGEND 600 can be equipped with classic analogue instruments in combination with GPS navigation or full glass cockpit, which includes flight, engine and navigation instruments as well as transponder of your choosing.

Aeropilot L600: Aeropilot L600 Introduction

Aeropilot L600 Specs

  • Wing Span: 29.79 ft.  

  • Wing Area: 113.45 sq ft.

  • Length: 22.96 ft.   

  • Height: 8.5 ft.                       

  • Empty Weight: 739 lbs 


  • Maximum Take-Off Weight: 1320 lbs.

  • Maximum crew weight: 441 lbs

  • Total useful load: 581 lbs

  • Maximum luggage weight: 33 lbs

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 34 gallons

  • Minimum Landing Speed: 45 kts. 

  • Max. Speed, Flaps 40º: 75 kts

  • Max. Speed, Flaps 15º, 30º: 75 kts. 

  • Rough Air Speed: 92 kts. 

  • Cruise Speed (75 %): 108 kts 

  • Max. horizontal flight speed: 120 kts

  • Never exceed speed: 135 kts

  • Range: 702 NM (7 hours)

  • Climb Rate: 1378 fpm

Aeropilot L600: Aeropilot L600 Specs

Operating Manual 

Click the link below to download the operating manual for the Aeropilot L600.

Aeropilot L600: Operating Manual

L600 Maintenance Manual

For all your maintenance needs, we have a Aeropilot Certified mechanic to keep you off the ground and in the air. If you have any questions regarding inspections, 5yr rubber changes, 5yr airframe inspection, or any other maintenance need  please contact us for help. Customer service is at the top of our priority list. 
Click the link below to be directed to the Aeropilot Maintence Manual for download.

Aeropilot L600: Maintenance Manual


  1. Very spacious crew cabin

  2. Comfortable boarding and baggage handling

  3. Length and height adjustable seats

  4. 360° view from the cabin 

  5. Great selection of aircraft configurations 


  1. Rigid Controls

  2. Upper pedals

  3. Electrical trim on control yoke

  4. Radio controls on control yoke

  5. Flap controls on throttle lever

  6. Parking brake


  • More efficient two zone heating

  • Optional heated seats

  • Luxurious leather interior (leather seats and leather yokes)

  • Door pockets

  • Tilting central armrest

  • Sun visors


  • Oil preheating

  • Spring shock absorber on the front wheel

  • Highly effective 3-position flaps

  • Possible quick conversion to cargo

  • Blocking of flap activation at speeds exceeding 76 kts

  • Bigger fuel tanks with a capacity of 34 gal.


  • Impressive metallic designs

  • Complete ceiling cushioning

  • Leather interior or alcantara

  • Custom design layout

  • Complete custom panel

   Flight characteristics:

  • Excellent flight characteristics and performance

  • Easy flight control and stable flying

  • Smooth take-off and landing

  • Take-off run: 295 ft

  • Take-off distance to 50 ft: 656 ft

  • Landing distance from 50 ft: 442 ft

  • Climb rate at MTOW: 1161 fpm

  • Cruise Speed: 113kts

  • Minimum speed – behaviour when nearing stall speeds, flap positions:

    • 0° - 42 kts

    • 15° - 37 kts

    • 30° - 32 kts

    • 40° - 31 kts

Aeropilot L600: Aeropilot L600 Advantages
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