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Pictured here is RT Aviations demo aircraft. Book today for your demo. If you will cover the travel cost we will bring the plane to your location for demo flights.

Photo Gallery: N760JG Demo

Aeropilot L600 with the optional float kit installed.

Photo Gallery: L600

Just finished at the factory and ready for delivery.

Photo Gallery: L600
Photo Gallery: Side View

RT Aviations demo aircraft with dual Dynon Screens.

Photo Gallery: L600

3 screen Garmin full glass panel. 

Photo Gallery: Garmin Panel 3 screens

Custom panel of your choosing. You can choose a standard 6 pack panel or go advanced and have a full glass panel.

Photo Gallery: Panel

Your choice of custom interior seats. Seats are adjustable forward and back. They also come with a four point harness seatbelt. If you look close in the picture you can see buttons on the front of the throttle lever. Those buttons are your up and down for your flaps. They are placed in a very convenient location so you can always keep your hand on the throttle during that critical stage of takeoff and landing.

Photo Gallery: About

Aeropilot L600 offers one of the most spacious cockpits in the light sport category at 47” wide. Cabin is wider than most Cessna models.

Photo Gallery: L600

Armrest doubles as storage. It is deep enough to accomadate your IPad and or knee pad along with other aircraft documents. Nice to have some storage on board that is close by to help with organization. 

Photo Gallery: Armrest Console

Substantially larger cargo area than most light sport aircraft.

Photo Gallery: Cargo area

Ballistics Parachute System ( BRS )

Photo Gallery: Ballistic Parachute System (BRS)
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